Who is Eligible

J, O and P visa applicants who are renewing a visa of the same classification that is still valid, or if expired, has expired within the last 12 months.  In addition:

  • You must normally be resident in the United Kingdom and physically present at the time the application is made;
  • You are renewing a visa that was issued in in London or Belfast;
  • You have provided 10 fingerprints when you applied for the visa;
  • You have not been refused a visa, or if refused, have since been issued a visa;
  • You can answer “NO” to all the Security and Background questions on the DS-160 visa application form;
  • Your visa has not been lost, stolen or revoked; and 
  • The visa was not annotated with “Clearance Received”.

J visa applicants only.  In order to apply for a visa through the Interview Waiver Program, you must have the same SEVIS number as when the visa was originally issued.