Visa Refusals under Section 214(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), applicants are presumed to be intending immigrants unless they credibly demonstrate, to the consular officer’s satisfaction, that their economic, family, and social ties outside the United States are strong enough that they will depart at the end of their authorized stay and that their intended activities in the United States will be consistent with the visa status.

Consular officers are trained to examine and adjudicate applications in a short period of time. As they can review the wealth of information provided through Form DS-160, the interview itself is a short procedure involving targeted questions. As not all documents are relevant to the adjudication process, only those required by the consular officer to make a determination are reviewed.

If your application for a visa has been refused under Section 214(b) INA, there is no appeal process.  While you are not prohibited from reapplying for a visa, unless you can show credible, new, and compelling ties outside the United States, and that your intended activities in the United States are consistent with the visa class, a different outcome is unlikely.  If you decide to reapply, you must schedule a new interview and pay a new MRV application fee.  Please visit   for further information and assistance.

Please carefully review the information on this web page and the letter you were given. The Embassy is unable to provide any additional information about the outcome of your case.