Visa Refusals under Section 221(G) or 212(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Section 221(g) prohibits the issuance of a visa to anyone whose application does not comply with the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) or related regulations.  Please be advised that, for U.S. immigration law purposes, including ESTA (see, this decision constitutes a denial of a visa.

If your application for a visa has been refused under Section 221(g) INA, you will have been provided with a letter explaining the steps you are required to take. Please review this information carefully and follow the instructions.

If your application has been refused under section 212(a) of the INA pending processing of a waiver of ineligibility by the Department of Homeland Security, you can monitor the progress of your application on-line by clicking on this link.  That webpage is updated weekly.  We will not respond to status of case inquiries through this email address.