Nonimmigrant Visas: Forms

If you are completing the online nonimmigrant visa application form DS-160, please note the following:

  • If you are applying for a visa at the Embassy in London, select, England, London; if applying at the Consulate in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Belfast;
  • The DS-160 must be submitted at least 24 hours before you attend the scheduled interview;
  • If you have entered any information incorrectly and have saved the form but not submitted it, you may make the corrections and then submit it.  If you have submitted the form, however, it is too late for corrections.  You are required to complete a new DS-160;
  • If you experience issues with uploading a photograph, you may bring the photograph to the visa interview;
  • Completing the DS-160 is the first step in the visa application process.  Click here and select the type of visa that you are applying for for further information.
Form Name Description
DS-156E (PDF – 592 KB) Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader / Investor Application
DS-157 (PDF – 279 KB) Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application
DS-158 (PDF – 117 KB) Contact Information and Work History for Nonimmigrant Visa Applicant
DS-160  Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (for all nonimmigrant categories, including K applications)
VCU-1 (PDF, 3 pages) Personal Data Form