National Interest Consideration contact form

If you believe that your travel is in the U.S. national interest and you do not fall under any other exceptions to Presidential Proclamation 9996 as listed in the proclamation, please complete the contact form below,  ONCE for EACH traveler (you can copy-and-paste your responses if completing for families).

Please note, if y​ou are not traveling from the UK, the U.S. Embassy in London will be unable to assist you with your request. Please contact the U.S. Embassy in the country where your travel will begin.

We will consider your request as expeditiously as possible upon receipt of this information, but we must advise that the review process can take some time.

If you are applying for an expedited visa appointment, you MUST complete a visa application before submitting this contact form. Step-by-step information about the visa application process, including tips about completing Form DS-160, information about how to schedule a visa interview appointment, required documents, and approximate processing times, is provided on our website once you have selected your reason for travel.

  • All supporting documents submitted must be in PDF or Word document format or an image file (JPG, GIF, PNG).
  • Each requested document must be in a separate attachment.
  • The total file size is 10Mb for ALL documents. If you have documents to submit BEYOND this limit, please complete the form and see the instructions in the very last question.

==>>> You must attach to this contact form a scanned or photographed copy of the passport biopage of every person that will be traveling. Please attach each biopage as a separate PDF. <<<==