The Interview

Interviews are by appointment only.

You should expect to be at the Embassy 2- 3 hours.

Yes.  All applicants registered for immigration, including children, are required to visit the Consulate in person for a formal visa interview.

There is no requirement that your spouse attend.  There is also no requirement that your spouse remain in the United Kingdom until your immigrant visa is issued.  Your spouse may travel to the United States ahead of you or with you.

No.  Your visa application will take 10-15 workdays to process and will be returned to you by courier.  Once the courier takes delivery of your passport and visa, they will email you with a tracking number.  This number can used to track the delivery of your passport online at

Immigrant and fiancé(e) visas are normally issued for the validity period of the medical examination, the maximum validity of which is six months.  K3 & K4 visa holders are issued a visa valid for travel for two years.

If the visa interview is scheduled more than 4 months from the date the petition is approved, the applicant is required to provide an original letter from the petitioner, confirming that they both remain legally free to marry and that they intend to do so within 90 days of the applicant’s entry to the United States.  There is no requirement that the letter be notarized.

By opening the visa packet you have invalidated the visa.

You should contact the Embassy as soon as possible via the contact form for assistance.  When contacting the Embassy, please provide your planned date of travel, if you have one.