Medical Examination

All applicants, regardless of age, are required to complete a medical examination performed by an Embassy approved physician in London prior to their visa interview.  We cannot accept medicals performed by any other physician.

Under U.S. visa law a medical examination is mandatory for all immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age.

Six months from the date on which it is performed.  It is important to note that the medical examination must be valid not only on the day of the visa interview, but also at the time you enter the United States on the visa.

Only the Embassy approved panel physician in London can perform the medical examination.

The medical examination must take place before the visa interview.  lf your application is being processed by the National Visa Center (NVC) you should be prepared to attend a medical examination at least five working days before the date of your interview.  If a medical report is not available, your application will be denied pending receipt.

The validity of the visa is linked to the validity of the medical report.  If your visa has been issued and you will not use the visa before the expiry date, you are required to return your passport and visa package to the Embassy for cancellation with a covering letter explaining why you did not use the visa once the visa expires .  If you wish, you may request that the visa is re-issued.  If the Consular officer determines that the reason for not traveling was due to circumstances beyond your control, you will be required to attend a new medical, obtain a new UK police certificate (if the previous certificate was issued more than 12 months ago) and pay new visa issuance fees.

Under section 222(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), medical reports are considered a protected visa record and cannot be released.

If you have already entered the United States and require a copy of the medical to adjust status, you may wish to contact the port of entry where you made your initial entry.  Alternatively, you may wish to arrange a new medical with a physician in the United States.

No, the medical examination must be performed by the Embassy’s panel physician in London.  We are unable to accept a medical from any other post.

All applicants must attend a medical.  If you wish to wait and attend a medical after the birth of your child, you should advise the Immigrant Visa Unit.