Registering with the Courier Service

Your passport will returned to you by the Embassy approved courier service.  There is no other method of delivery; you cannot collect your passport in person.

In order to register for the courier company you are required to take the following steps: :

  •  Visit and select “Register” if you have not already created an account;
  • Check the box to indicate that you have received an appointment for a visa interview and press “Continue”;
  • Provide the information required to create an account and click on ” I need to register an immigrant visa appointment”. Complete the required fields and click on “Create Applicant”.  If your family will be applying for a visa at the same time, click on “Add Applicant” and enter their details – you must perform this step for each person applying for a visa before clicking on “Contine”.
  • Choose where you want your documents to be sent if your application is successful. Home delivery is available at an additional cost.