U.S. Policy Update for Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Today’s topics: Secretary Kerry Meets PM Theresa May, UK’s Johnson / Iraq Pledging / Anti-ISIL update / U.S. Elections FAQs

Secretary Kerry Meets PM Theresa May, UK’s Johnson


Man walking down a steep stairway
Secretary John Kerry walking down the famous stairway Number 10 where portraits of former UK PMs line the wall

Secretary Kerry traveled to London, 18–19 July where he attended multilateral meetings on Yemen and Syria.  He also met with U.K Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street (photos on Flickr) as well as the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

19 July 2016 Secretary Kerry’s Joint Press Availability With U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson  “The special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom remains strong and vital, and we continue to advance mutual interests and tackle shared challenges. Secretary Kerry and I will shortly be joined by European colleagues for a meeting on Syria. Syria continues to be ravaged by the twin evils of a long civil war and the inhumanity of Daesh terrorism.”



U.S. Elections

US Embassy London election night 2012
US Embassy London election night 2012

20 July 2016 FAQs about U.S. political conventions  The major U.S. political parties are getting closer to formally naming their respective candidates for president. The Republicans this week hold their nominating convention. The Democrats get their turn next week.

If you tune in to see the hoopla, you’re likely to have some questions – we have some answers!


Iraq & Anti-ISIL

18 July 2016 State Dept. Background Briefing on the Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq    “[We have] an opportunity to bring 24 nations together on the day before the counter-ISIL ministerial here in Washington in order to bring a focus to the needs – the ongoing needs in Iraq. We are leading this in effort in partnership with Canada, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and Kuwait. We’re hoping to raise in excess of $2 billion in what has been a roughly six-and-a-half-week pledging effort. This is new money and it’s intended to go for four distinct objectives.”

18 July 2016 Briefing by Special Presidential Envoy McGurk on the Counter-ISIL Ministerial “Mosul is now increasingly coming upon us. We have it in sight, but we have to do it right. Militarily, it has to be very well planned. We have to have a stabilization plan ready to go and resourced. We have to have a humanitarian plan ready to go and resourced. And we have to have a governance plan. The local governance plan has to be ready to go. So all of this has been underway. It’s been – the planning has been going on for some months, and we’re now at a point where we want to bring the coalition together to talk it through, look at the details, and make sure we have what we need to give us the best chance we have to succeed.