Primary Passport is held by UK Visas and Immigration or a Foreign Embassy

If your current U.S. passport is being held by the UK Visas and Immigration or a foreign Embassy for visa processing and you have urgent need of travel, you can apply for an emergency temporary passport.

Important Notice

As the temporary passport will not have any UK visas, you must contact the UK Visas and Immigration to find out if you can depart the United Kingdom whilst the visa application is being processed without forfeiting the application and, if so, what documentation you need to take with you to legally return to the United Kingdom.  Contact information is available from their website:

Once you have established that you may leave the United Kingdom without affecting your visa application, you may apply for an emergency temporary U.S. passport. You must apply in person through a pre-arranged appointment.

Required Documents

You will need to present all of the following:

  • A letter from the UKVI/Foreign Embassy stating that they have received and are processing your application;
  • A printed copy of your travel itinerary showing that you have confirmed booked travel within 36 hours;
  • Current, valid, government issued photo ID  (such as a Driver’s license or a passport of another nationality);
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship, e.g. expired U.S. passport, CRBA, U.S. birth or naturalization certificate;
  • One passport sized (2x2inch) photograph – see photo requirements for information or check ourSlideShare presentation.  Photos which do not meet the requirements will be rejected;
  • The non-refundable application fee for this service is $135.00.  Fee information is available here;and 
  • Form DS-11.    Before you begin, see our YouTube video for instructions on completing the form. Complete the form online and print.  Do not sign it.  You are required to sign the form before a consular officer.