Scheduling Appointment: Consulate General Edinburgh

If you reside in Scotland you may apply for the passport in person at the Consulate General in Edinburgh through a pre-arranged appointment.


To book an appointment, please follow this link. Each applicant requiring a service must have a separate appointment. If you are unable to obtain an appointment within 10 working days of your intended travel date using our online booking facility, please contact us at

On scheduling an appointment, a confirmation number will be generated. Please note that you will not receive email confirmation of the appointment.  You must make a note of the date and time for your appointment.  You should also take note of the appointment password.  You will require the password if you need to cancel the appointment. No record of your password is kept at the Embassy.

If your plans have changed and you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, that’s no problem.  But please let us know immediately by clicking here, selecting “cancel appointment,” and following the instructions that appear on the screen.   By alerting us in advance, you’ll allow us to serve someone else in your place.