Scheduling Appointment: Consulate General Belfast

If you reside in Northern Ireland you are required to apply for the passport at the U.S. Consulate General through a pre-arranged appointment.  

NOTE: Your passport will be returned to you by mail when it is ready. Please furnish a pre-paid, self-addressed, Royal Mail Special Delivery Envelope with your application.  These can be purchased at any UK post office.  One envelope will suffice for up to four passports.

To book an appointment at the U.S. Consulate General in Belfast, please follow this link.  Each applicant requiring a service must have a separate appointment. If you are applying for several members of the same family and you are having difficulty scheduling them all on one day, please email for assistance.

Processing time for a full validity (10 years for adults; 5 years for children under age 16) U.S. passport is approximately 10 working days.  Your passport will be returned to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery once processing has been completed.    Please bring a pre-paid self-addressed Royal mail Special Delivery envelope to the appointment with minimum postage paid up to 500 grams.  One envelope is sufficient for up to four passports.

Before you visit the Consulate, please refer to Visiting the Consulate General for information about Permitted and Prohibited Items, Who can Attend the Appointment, Directions to the Consulate General, and Disabled Access.


If your plans have changed and you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, that’s no problem.

But please let us know immediately by emailing

By alerting us in advance, you’ll allow us to serve someone else in your place.