Passport Enquiries

STOP! Please read this message before deciding whether to submit a question. We are currently receiving a large number of inquiries and we may not be able to respond if the answer to your question is provided below or on our website.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, emergency appointments are extremely limited and can only be provided on an emergency basis for applicants with imminent booked travel. Please check our booking calendar for standard passport or CRBA appointments. The appointment calendar operates in real time so will show any available appointments, including appointments available due to cancelations. Appointments will not be released on a specific date or time so please just regularly check the calendar for any availability. We will not be able to provide further guidance by email or phone.

Most passport renewals for adults can be submitted by mail.

Read our FAQs at which explain whether you can apply by mail, when and how you can request an emergency appointment, passport validity, and what to do if you are seeking a passport or CRBA for a tax return or UK visa/Leave To Remain application. We will resume standard services as soon as possible but we cannot predict when this will be.

Please be aware that UK government restrictions on international travel still apply, which state in part “international holidays are not permitted.”

Status checks

We cannot provide status updates or confirm receipt of documents by email or telephone. Your delivery tracking information will be updated as soon as the passport/CRBA is ready: