Passport Enquiries

STOP! Before deciding whether to contact the U.S. Passport and Citizenship Unit, please read the information below. Due to the large volume of enquiries we are currently receiving, we may not be able to respond further if the answer to your question is provided below.

Passport Services

Please check our website to see if you are eligible to renew by mail. You are able to apply for a passport even after a previous passport has expired.

Most applications to replace an emergency limited validity passport with a full-validity passport can be submitted by mail, including for children. Click here for details.

If the passport service you need requires an in-person appointment, we are unable to waive this requirement. Click here to select the service you require for information on how to book an appointment.

We have resumed normal services, however routine appointments remain extremely limited. The appointment calendar operates in real time so will show any available appointments, including appointments available due to cancelations. Appointments will not be released on a specific date or time so please regularly check the calendar for any availability.   

Emergency appointments

If you have urgent overseas travel, you do not qualify to travel with your expired U.S. passport as described above and you have been unable to obtain an appointment, please contact us with an emergency appointment request five working days before your travel date.

Please provide the following information:

    • The full name of each applicant and which passport/citizenship service they require.
    • The date, time and point of departure of the confirmed overseas travel.  Please include your confirmed travel itinerary from your airline in pdf form.
    • Your UK telephone number.
    • The applicant’s current location (nearest city).
    • The purpose of your travel.

Emergency appointments remain limited and we continue to prioritize emergency services for life-or-death emergencies. Life-or-death emergencies are defined by the Department of State as serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family (parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, sibling, and grandparent) that require you to travel within 72 hours (3 business days).

Please also continue to monitor our website as it may be possible for you to book an earlier appointment using our online appointment calendar.

If your request relates to a UK visa application, please visit the UK government’s website and contact the UK government directly with any further questions about your case in light of your expired or expiring passport. They have a process in place to address these issues. As advised, we can only consider emergency appointment requests related to imminent overseas travel.

Status Updates

We are unable to provide routine status updates, including any questions about documents that have been submitted or timeframes for receiving your new passport. Please check your delivery tracking information regularly to see if your passport is on its way. Delivery tracking information can be found on the receipt or other documentation provided to you by the delivery service.

IMPORTANT: We are currently receiving a large volume of emergency requests.  Please DO NOT send multiple requests. This delays our ability to respond as quickly as possible.