Scheduling Appointment: Embassy London

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and associated national restrictions, the U.S. Embassy in London and the Consulates in Belfast and Edinburgh are offering emergency appointments services only for passport and citizenship services that require an in-person appearance.

Please see our website at for more information, including how to request an emergency appointment if your child has urgent need of travel.

If you reside in England or Wales you are required to register the birth at the U.S. Embassy in London through a pre-arranged appointment.  

Please note that you will be required to present the following forms and documents at the appointment.  Please carefully review the list below to ensure that you are fully prepared.  Any documents not in English should be accompanied by a certified translation.

  • Completed Form 2029 – Please do not sign
  • Completed Form DS-11 – Please do not sign
  • Completed Form SS-5 – Please sign at box 17
  • Child’s U.K. birth certificate:  Long form U.K. birth certificate listing both the child and parents’ information.  Short form birth certificates listing just the child are not acceptable.  Please bring the original and 3 photocopies of the document; 
  • Marriage certificate:  An original or court certified copy of the marriage certificate issued by the appropriate authorities in the country in which the marriage took place. Church/Religious certificates are not acceptable. If the parents are not married, this is not required.  Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the document;
  • Divorce or death certificate:  If either parent has been married previously, they should present the original or court certified divorce decree or death certificate for all previous marriages.  Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the document;
  • Evidence of the parent(s) U.S. citizenship. The U.S. citizen parent(s) must present his/her U.S. passport. If the U.S. citizen parent was naturalized, the original Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship is required plus 3 photocopies of the document;
  • Proof of Physical Presence in the United States of the U.S. citizen parent(s). The U.S. citizen parent(s) will be asked to present proof of their physical presence in
    the United States.  Good examples of proof of physical presence include school records, university transcripts, tax returns, and employment records. Please refer to our website to review the physical presence requirements for transmission of citizenship and ensure you are bringing sufficient evidence to demonstrate the length of presence
    in the U.S. required for your circumstances.  Please see Do you qualify to pass on citizenship? for further information.
  • Passport/identification document for non-U.S. citizen parent: The non-U.S. citizen parent must bring his/her passport or other government issued photo identification document. Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the biographic page of the document; 
  • Child’s U.K. or other foreign passport if they have been issued one. Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the biographic page of the document; 
  • Passport photograph: One passport sized (2×2 inch) photograph – see photo requirements for specific information.  Photos which do not meet the requirements will be rejected; and
  • Application Fee(s).  

Once you have all of theses forms and documents, you may schedule an appointment by clicking on “Scheduling the Appointment” below. The appointment should be scheduled in the child’s name and the child is required to appear.  The parent(s) may add their name as accompany once the appointment has been scheduled.

When scheduling the appointment you should make a written note of the following:

  • The appointment confirmation number generated.
  • The date and time for your appointment. You will not receive email confirmation of the appointment date.
  • The appointment password.  You will require the password if you need to cancel the appointment. No record of your password is kept at the Embassy.

You are not required to present a printout of the confirmation sheet on the day of the appointment as your name will be on the access list for that day, although you may wish to keep a copy for your records. Please ensure that you arrive at the Embassy at the appointed time, otherwise we may be required to cancel your appointment.

Please click here to book an appointment to take place at U.S. Embassy London. Each applicant requiring a service at the Embassy must have a separate appointment. Remember, schedule the appointment in the name of your child.  Your child must accompany you to the appointment. When you book the appointment, it is vital that you print or note down your password and the appointment date and time. You will not receive an automated appointment confirmation email or reminder emails.

Due to a phased resumption of services, appointments are currently extremely limited. If there are no appointments available when you first check the booking system, please keep checking. New appointments are regularly added, including appointments made available from daily cancellations. These appointments can only be booked through the online calendar, not by email or telephone, which is why it is important to keep checking the calendar.

Please ensure you are booking the correct service. Those seeking Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or any other notarial services should only select ‘Request notarial and other services not listed above’ when booking an appointment and not choose ‘Passport Services’.

If your plans have changed and you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, that’s no problem.  But please let us know immediately by clicking here, selecting “cancel appointment,” and following the instructions that appear on the screen. By alerting us in advance, you’ll allow us to serve someone else in your place.