The Art of Resilience Exhibition, January 2017

Art of Resilience Exhibition, January 2017

U.S. Embassy London
Cultural Affairs Office
18 January 2017

4.9 million Syrians are documented refugees; another 6.6 million are displaced within Syria.  Beyond these statistics of struggle and strife are stories of great courage, contribution, and creativity that serve as a testament to the spirit and strength of the Syrian people.

The Art of Resilience presents 17 works from five Syrian artists resident in the United Kingdom and Europe. Employing a mixture of traditional and uniquely individual techniques, each of these artists has been able to convey their personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. The seemingly random, almost confused, composition of some of these pieces mirrors the turbulence of the Syrian conflict. Yet, despite the abstract nature of these works, the messages of fear, anger, loneliness and even hope are clearly expressed. Together, these pieces tell a story of survival and strength, change and continuity, adversity and adaptability.

The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with Mosaic Initiative, is proud to join with other U.S. Embassies across Europe to highlight Syrian artists who are contributing to the cultural fabric of their host communities.

All photos for the exhibit are on our Flickr album.