Report of the UK’s Independent Review Panel on Extradition

Report of the UK’s Independent Review Panel on Extradition
U.S. Embassy Press Release

18 October 2011


Report of the UK’s Independent Review Panel on Extradition:
Panel Concludes U.S.-UK Treaty Balanced and Fair

The Extradition Panel, appointed by the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Theresa May in September 2010 to review the UK’s extradition practices, has concluded that the U.S.-UK treaty is balanced and fair.  The Home Secretary presented the Panel’s report to Parliament today.

The U.S. Government welcomes the report’s findings and agrees with the Panel’s conclusion that there is no need for changes to the treaty.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued the following statement after being informed of the Panel’s findings:   “I want to thank the members of the Panel for the significant time and hard work that they have invested in conducting this thorough, year-long review of our extradition treaty.  The fundamental fairness of the treaty has been demonstrated by its application during the years the treaty has been in force, as the Panel noted.  The treaty has enabled us to work closely with our partners in the United Kingdom to pursue the interests of justice in both our nations.”

Extraditions between the United States and United Kingdom are predicated on trust, respect, and our common goals of protecting our nations and eliminating safe havens for criminals.  The U.S. has respected the review process and responded to requests from the Panel throughout its review.  The U.S. will continue to work cooperatively with the UK on extraditions to further our mutual law enforcement objectives.

For more information on the U.S.-UK extradition relationship or treaty please contact the U.S. Embassy London Press Office on [44] (0)20-7499-9000.