Remarks by President Biden and PM Johnson Before Bilateral Meeting

Viewing a key part of our shared history and discussing our shared future, President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson met in person for the first time this afternoon in Carbis Bay, Cornwall!


Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom Before Bilateral Meeting
The White House
June 10, 2021


Carbis Bay Hotel
Cornwall, United Kingdom

3:23 P.M. BST

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Well, it is a — what a great, great pleasure, Mr. President, to welcome you to Cornwall.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It is a great pleasure to be here.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Fantastic to see you. Fantastic to see you here on what — what I think is your — is your first big overseas trip since you’ve been —


PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: — since you’ve been President.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It is. I’ve visited your great country many times, but this is the first time as President of the United States.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Well, everybody is —

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It’s a great honor.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Everybody is absolutely thrilled to see you. And —

PRESIDENT BIDEN: And I’m thrilled to be here. I’m thrilled to meet your wife.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Yes, well — and they’ve gone off to do something else. (Inaudible.)

PRESIDENT BIDEN: They did. I told the Prime Minister we have something in common: We both married way above our station.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: And I’m — and I’m not going to — I’m not going to — I’m not going to dissent from that one. I’m not going to disagree with the President on that or indeed on anything else, I think, either, likely.

Are we — are we going to — are we going to have like — we could just continue —

AIDE: Okay, thank you, press.

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: I was going to say, we generally agree, Joe. You could probably (inaudible).

Q (Cross-talk.)

PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: Thanks, everybody.

3:25 P.M. BST



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