Expressions of interest in the provision of Event Services

Procurement Mission UK

Please note is not a request for quotation (RFQ); this is for pre-solicitation / informational purposes only.

No awards will be made based on responses received to this notice.

Prior to the current coronavirus pandemic the U.S. Embassy London held a number of indoor and outdoor receptions and gatherings which required a variety of services from contractors including but not limited to catering, sound and lighting, provision of marquees, and provision of theming and décor.

It is anticipated that once the United Kingdom moves out of the current situation, and business is able to resume more fully there will continue to be a requirement, on occasion, for suitably qualified contractors providing a variety of services to assist with such future events. Events once they resume, will strictly adhere to both current US and UK guidance to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both attendees and contractors.

At this time suitably qualified contractors, offering the following services are invited to respond to this advert, stating which services they would be interested in providing should the U.S. Embassy have a future requirement:

  • Provision of catering
  • Provision of marquees
  • Provision of staging
  • Provision of sound
  • Provision of lighting
  • Provision of low altitude firework displays
  • Provision of theming and décor
  • Provision of event management

If there is a requirement for any of the above services in 2020, respondents to this advert will be contacted with the Government’s RFQ and details of when and where a site visit will be held, should one be applicable for the requirement.

All awards to contractors are made to the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror who is a responsible contractor. The Government may award a Purchase Order / Contract based on an initial offer without discussion. Any awards made are firm fixed price type agreements, and payments for services will be made after the event based on quantities and unit prices only to the extent specifically provided in the contract. Contractors should submit invoices for payment after full completion of the services. Payment is made by electronic funds transfer to contractor’s bank account.

The full text of this advert can be downloaded here as a PDF (2-pages, PDF).

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Advert Closing Date               COB (17:30 BST) on 17 June 2020


Registration in SAM

System for Award Management

It is now compulsory for all companies doing business with the U.S. Government valued over $30,000 to register on a website called “SAM – System for Award Management” at
The website compiles standard information such as company legal name, street address, contact information, and what kind of goods and services it offers.

To register in SAM, a DUNS number and a NCAGE code are required. If you do not have this information, it will have to be obtained before registering. There is no cost involved, neither in obtaining the numbers, nor registering in SAM.

Interested parties are strongly encourage you to register their business as soon as possible to avoid any delay in making an award to the successful bidder. Please note individuals are exempt from SAM registration.

Further information as to how to register in SAM can also be obtained on request from