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Ambassador Johnson – @USAmbUK

This is the official Twitter account of U.S. Ambassador Woody Johnson. (All tweets posted after 23 Aug 2017 by Ambassador Johnson).

Embassy London – @USAinUK

Our oldest and biggest Twitter account. Is what it says it is – a mini USA in the UK. Sharing an eclectic mixture of news and views from across the Embassy, the United States government and the United States. The place to start if you want to dip your big toe into a little bit of UK-style Americana. Latest from the Embassy »

Embassy London Press Office- @USAinUKpress

We know UK journalists love Twitter – we just want them to love us. A Twitter account for news junkies sharing the most timely transcripts, press information and breaking news from the USG in the UK. Also the place to follow if you don’t want to miss any UK appearances of USG officials on UK TV and Radio. Latest from the Embassy Press Office »

Embassy London Consular Section – @USAinUKConsular

We know applying for a visa, or renewing a passport, can be complicated. This account is here to help you through the process and make sense of all the jargon. Help from the Consular Section »

U.S. Consulate-General Northern Ireland – @USAinNI

Getting out and about, bringing you everything you need to know about America in Northern Ireland. This account tells you who our Belfast staff have been meeting and why and it’s also an excellent way of making sure you’re included in those chats. Latest from U.S. Consulate Belfast »

U.S. Consulate-General Edinburgh – @USAinScotland

One stop shop for everything about the Special Relationship in Scotland, sharing news on the U.S. Government’s work north of the border.  Latest from U.S. Consulate Edinburgh »


How do you go about finding the best U.S. suppliers for your company? Business matchmaking is what this account focuses on by promoting U.S. exports to Europe and connecting U.S. suppliers with international buyers. Market information; trade events; trade conferences and more. Connect with Export2Europe »


If you’re a tech startup on the rise and looking to expand your business in the U.S., this account will help you find out what you need to know about investing in the U.S. It also promotes seminars; webinars and other events on taking your business across the Atlantic. Connect with SelectUSA Tech »

All Twitter list

If you just can’t decide which excellent account to follow, you don’t have to. Subscribe to this list and receive updates from them all. All the Embassy Twitter accounts in one place »




Facebook – U.S. Embassy London

A community of Brits interested in America and Americans living in Britain. A page to share your opinion on what’s happening in the world and America’s role in it. It’s also where we like to chat about America’s relationship with the UK and share news of some of the more interesting and unusual things going on inside the Embassy.  Join the conversation »

Facebook – U.S. Consulate Belfast

News and views for America’s friends in Northern Ireland. Mostly focusing focus on peace, prosperity and cultural exchange, oh and some excellent craic! Join the conversation »



Instagram – U.S. Embassy London

The official Instagram account for the U.S. Embassy London. Follow us for behind the scenes images from life @USAinUK in London – and beyond.  Follow us!  »



Youtube logo 90x90YouTube

YouTube– U.S. Embassy London

Where we entertain and explain. Videos on everything the Embassy does from visas, to jazz, to international summits and more. A place where we try to make complicated issues simple and the minutes you took to watch worthwhile. Watch the YouTube channel »

F lickr logoFlickr

Flickr– U.S. Embassy London

Home to our highest quality photos, from a huge range of Embassy events. Best of all, they are all free to download for your use, copyright free. Flick through the Embassy’s photo album »



uXHUbqi8Special Relationship Magazine

Special Relationship Magazine – our blog.

What used to be called a blog, but we now like to think of as a Magazine. Articles on a whole host of issues from visas to passports to science to education. Dig around, you might find what you’re looking for, just explained in a better way.
Explore Special Relationship magazine »