E Pluribus Unum – The U.S. Experience

Funding Opportunity Title: E Pluribus Unum – The U.S. Experience
Funding Opportunity Number: DOS-London-PD-2019-CA-029
Deadline for Applications: September 8, 2019, 17:00 GMT
CFDA Number: 19.451
Total Amount Available: Up to $100,000


Program Description

The Embassy of the United States in London invites eligible organizations to submit proposals to develop and implement a 10-day exchange visit to the United States focused on the concept of “e pluribus unum” (“out of many, one”). Specifically, the project will aim to explore comparative U.S. cases and resources for how the United Kingdom can remain a strong, unified country while
also balancing distinct national identities. The project will concentrate on Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and on historical factors that shape identity, such as the use of symbolism and
ethnolinguistic factors, and examine the importance of fostering trust and understanding between groups. This exchange would draw on valuable comparisons and lessons from the United States’ tradition of federalism and celebration of dual identity. Strictly subject to the availability of funds, the Embassy of the United States in London expects to select one program
implementer for a grant award up to $100,000.

Program Objectives

In this solicitation, the Embassy of the United States in London seeks proposals to develop and administer an exchange with the following objectives:

  1. Improve participants’ understanding of complex issues surrounding the experience of identity, culture, and heritage among various minority identity groups in the United States and the interplay of community, state, and national identities;
  2. Encourage positive discourse and self-reflection among Irish, Scottish, and Welsh participants representing diverse/opposing political, ideological, and religious views;
  3. Explore educational initiatives and other societal measures promoting U.S. pluralism and appreciation for cultural, religious, and ethnolinguistic diversity;
  4. Champion initiatives that build resilience and reduce tensions along sectarian boundaries and wherever the risk of extremism is heightened;
  5. Disseminate core U.S. values and qualities in areas like citizenship, civil rights, and multicultural diversity;

Participants and Audiences

10 highly targeted stakeholders across the political and cultural spectrum in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This includes, but is not restricted to, community groups, government officials, NGOs, and law enforcement officials.

How To Apply & Deadline

The full details of this Funding Opportunity are available for download as a PDF (11 pages) or can be viewed online at www.Grants.gov

Instructions on how to apply are at www.Grants.gov

Applications must be received before Close of Business (17:00 GMT) on September 08, 2019.