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Trafficking in Persons (TIP)

7 July 2015 Kerry on 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report “[That is] why this TIP Report needs to be read as a call to action. Governments need to strengthen and enforce the laws that they have on the books, and prosecutors must take pride in turning today’s traffickers into tomorrow’s prisoners.The private sector also needs to be a part of this effort by blowing the ...
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DoD – China’s Land Reclamation Has Broad Consequences

By Terri Moon Cronk, DoD News, Defense Media Activity China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea could have far-reaching U.S. security and economic consequences by disrupting international rules and norms that have supported the global community for decades, the commander of U.S. Pacific Command said today. In a security forum panel discussion in Aspen, ...
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Department of Justice Announces Major Computer Hacking Forum Dismantled

As Part of Coordinated Law Enforcement Efforts in 20 Countries, United States Charges 12 Defendants in Connection with Computer Fraud Conspiracy (This press release originally appeared on the  U.S. Department of Justice website ) The computer hacking forum known as Darkode was dismantled, and criminal charges have been filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania and elsewhere against 12 individuals ...
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