June 10 is World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

Counterfeiting impacts all industries, but the recent COVID-19 crisis has led to a surge of counterfeit and substandard products in the U.S. and Europe. The wide variety of counterfeit products currently being trafficked by organized crime entities presents a severe threat to consumer healthand safety, and to national security. By working together, U.S. and European authorities have seized millions of counterfeit and substandard productsin recent operations, making the world safer for us all.

Recent reports from the OECD and EUIPO estimate that trade in counterfeit and pirated products amount to more than $500 BILLION annually.

That’s more than 3% of world trade!

It affects nearly every sector, including consumer goods and electronics, food and drinks, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Counterfeit products account for nearly 7% of all imports into the European Union.Join us on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day in raising awareness of the negative impact counterfeit and pirated goods have on our health, safety and security.LEARN MORE about how you can protect yourself and report counterfeit products at these sites: