U.S. passport, CRBA and travel information for U.S. citizens following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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This page was last updated September 14, 2020

We are pleased to confirm that the U.S. Embassy in London has now resumed all U.S. passport services, including those requiring in-person appointments. However, due to procedures in place in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), appointment availability is limited. If no appointments are available when you first check the online calendar, please keep checking the calendar for newly released appointments and daily cancelations. Please keep reading to find out how to apply and for appointment booking tips, as well as information about processing times and status checks.

Emergency procedures and travel restrictions may change rapidly due to the impact of COVID-19. If you are currently in the United States or another country and your U.S. passport has expired or is due to expire imminently, you should renew your passport before you travel to the United Kingdom.

Due to reduced staffing, the Consulates in Belfast and Edinburgh are offering emergency services only.

Adult passport renewals

For applicants in England and Wales, most passport renewals for adults do not require an in-person appearance.

Please click here for information about how to apply to renew your adult passport. This includes information for residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland and what to do if you need to renew your passport in an emergency.

Replacing an emergency limited validity passport for a full-validity passport

You can apply to replace an emergency limited-validity passport with a full-validity passport by mail, even if the limited-validity passport was issued to a child. Please click here for instructions.

Appointment services for registering the birth of a child born outside the United States (CRBA) and applying for the first passport

Please note, if you need to register your child’s birth and apply for their first passport, you are required to book an appointment to report a birth abroad of your child rather than a passport appointment. Failure to book the correct type of appointment may result in the need to reschedule and therefore cause delays in obtaining a passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate for your child.

Appointment services

Embassy London is now able to offer appointments to apply to replace lost, stolen or damaged passports, to apply for a first adult passport, to renew a child’s passport, and to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and first passport for a child. These services require an in-person appointment.

If you are applying for siblings, a separate appointment is required for each child. You can book appointments in the same time-slot, if available.

When you book, it is vital that you print or note down your password and the appointment date and time. This is because you will not receive an automated appointment confirmation email or reminder emails.

Appointment availability is limited so don’t be alarmed if you see ‘no appointments available’ when you first check the online calendar. If there are no appointments available when you first check, please keep checking. New appointments are added regularly, including appointments made available from daily cancellations. These appointments can only be booked through the online calendar, not by email or telephone, which is why it is important to keep checking the calendar.

Click on the service you require from the list below for information about the application process, including information for residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland and what to do if you need to apply in an emergency.

Renew a child’s passport (under the age of 16)
Reporting the birth of a child born outside the United States (CRBA) and applying for the first passport
Replace a lost or stolen passport
Replace a damaged passport
Apply for an adult passport (my last passport was issued before I was 16 or more than 15 years ago)

Social distancing guidance for attending an appointment at Embassy London

You will go through airport-style security screening. Due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), everyone should wear a face mask if they are aged 11 or over. You can choose to buy a mask or make your own. Click here for information about how to make a face covering (sew and no-sew tutorials are available).

You must not bring laptops or bags above cabin-baggage size to your appointment because they not are permitted into the building and there are no storage facilities available. To save time, we recommend that you keep the number of small bags and belongings that you bring with you to a minimum.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus, please cancel your appointment through the online calendar. If you find that you can’t cancel your appointment through the calendar, you can use our contact form to cancel your appointment.

If you have recently entered the UK and you are subject to mandatory quarantine, your appointment should take place after the 14 day quarantine period. If you need to apply for a passport to travel in an emergency during that time, please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

Application processing times and status checks

The average processing time for a passport application is approximately three weeks, and it takes approximately four weeks for CRBA plus first passport applications to be processed. All timescales are provided for guidance only as processing varies in each case.

If additional information or documentation is required, you will be advised during the appointment (if applicable) or by letter. Processing of your case can only begin once everything required has been submitted. The processing times stated above begin from the date on which all required information and documentation is received by the Embassy.

We are unable to check on the status of your case unless the standard processing times have passed from the date on which you submitted all the necessary information and documentation.