Logos & Graphics

Official US Flag for CMS use (72 DPI, 750x450)

As of June 2012 this logo (a rectangular rendition of the flag of the United States of America) is to be used by official external partners of the U.S. Embassy London and our official Consulates General in Belfast and Edinburgh.

This logo is available in several formats, including Adobe Illustrator (.ai vector files), Encapsulated PostScript (.ps, raster bitmap), PDF and JPG (300 dpi for Web & medium-quality print use).

Only the AI and EPS files are resolution independent (200,300,400, etc DPI) and suitable for high-quality printed artwork.  If in doubt please consult your printer or graphic designer as to what file type they require.

Download Links for Official Images with Text

The following images files are available.
Note that Encapsulated Postscript files (EPS) are for use with image editors such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Quark and may not open on “normal” desktop machines.
We recommend you right-click these links and choose Save or Download:

For use in official video calls this resized version with no text  is available:

Download Links for Blank Official Imagery

Where in-line text with a specific typeface is desired, please use the files below which have a replaceable line of text underneath the image:



Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Adobe Illustrator (.AI)

Photo credit text

Wherever possible, images must include the text “U.S. Embassy London.”


The U.S. Great Seal

U.S. State Department seals, the U.S. Great Seal, logos, and other official insignia may not be used or reproduced without written permission.  The State Department’s Copyright page has full details.

Photos of the New U.S. Embassy London in Nine Elms

Imagery from the construction of our new London Embassy in Nine Elms are on Flickr.  We also have some from our housewarming event and the flag-raising.

Details on the constructions are on our New London Embassy page.

Photos of the old U.S. Embassy London in Mayfair

The following high-resolution images of the old U.S. Embassy London  Chancery are available on our photos page.
Additionally, our Flickr collections have lots of photos from our public events.

Photos of Ambassador’s Residence – Winfield House

The official residence of the U.S. Ambassador in London is Winfield House. We have a Flickr album for the gardens of Winfield House and our Flickr photostream and albums have many photos of an around the residence.