Legal Right to Work in the UK

With the exception of a few positions, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to work at the Embassy. When making your application, you do have to have the current full legal right to work in the UK.

In your application you must provide us with details about your legal right to work in the UK. e.g. citizenship, residency, work permit etc. Even if you are British, we still want you to address this fact. On making your application (i.e. before the closing date and time) you must provide evidence of your legal right to work in the UK such as a copy of your passport biographical page and work visa page. Please do not send originals by mail. Copies are acceptable. If you fail to provide this documentation, your application will no longer be pursued.

If you are invited to the Embassy for assessment, you will be required to present your original legal right to work documentation, for verification by the HR Office.

Please DO NOT APPLY if you don’t currently have the legal right to work in the UK, or if that right is just about to expire, or if that right has restrictions imposed which would prevent you from undertaking an employment contract with the Embassy.

For instance, DO NOT APPLY:

  • for a permanent position if your legal right to work in the UK is less than one calendar year from the closing date of the job announcement for which you are applying.
  • for a temporary position, if your work permit expires during the temporary contract of the job for which you are applying.
  • for permanent, full time position at the Embassy, if you only have the temporary legal right to work in the UK, which will only allow you to work on a part-time basis, e.g. BUNAC. Applicants with a limited legal right to work in the UK, e.g. students, will not be considered for full-time positions.

Please note that in all of the above scenarios, we will NOT sponsor you or consider your application further.

In order to undertake the full duties and responsibilities of some Embassy positions, U.S. citizenship is necessary to obtain a requisite level of security clearance. Non-U.S. citizens will not be considered for these type of roles. Please note that the Embassy will not sponsor U.S. citizens to work in locally employed staff vacancies.