The Application Process

Our Job Application Process

How to Apply

The key thing to keep in mind when applying for a position with us is that we want to know how your education, work experience, knowledge, skills and abilities match the job advertised. In short, please simply tell us why you are the best possible candidate for the job.

We receive hundreds of applications for some of our vacancies. Therefore, it’s really important that you make your application stand out for all the right reasons. Following the instructions on how to apply is key.

Interested candidates for a vacancy MUST submit the following for consideration of their application:

  • The London DS0174 Application Form:  This form is specific to each vacancy and can be found at the end of each job advertisement.  It is our preferred form of application, as it aims to focus the candidate on the essential criteria of an advertised vacancy.


  • Universal Application for Employment UAE/DS0174:  An Application Form which you can download (PDF, 15 pages)

Detailed instructions on how to complete the UAE/DS-0174 form can be found in our downloadable How To (PDF, 9 pages).

You must ALSO include the following information in your application for employment:

  • Your current curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Evidence of your legal right to work in the UK such as a copy of your passport biographical page and work visa page. Please do not send originals by mail. Copies are acceptable. Short-listed applicants will be asked to provide, prior to interview, original documentation in support of their legal right to work in the UK.
  • Evidence of U.S. citizen Eligible Family Member (USEFM) Preference (such as copy of your sponsor’s orders), if applicable. Please do not send originals by mail. Copies are acceptable.


Completing our PDF Forms

For data protection reasons these forms do not allow you to save data. We therefore recommend you fill out and print the form in one session.

Apple Mac users may choose to Print to PDF instead and email us the resulting file or they may print and mail it or they can download the free Acrobat Reader for Mac if the Preview application does nto work.

As an environmentally aware employer, our preference is for you to submit your application by email to

Please ensure documents are in Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Acrobat. JPEG, TIFF or SkyDrive files will not be accepted and your application will be determined invalid.  Similarly, if your application exceeds 5MB, your application will be determined invalid.

Alternatively, your application can be mailed to:

The Human Resources & Development (HRD) Office
Embassy of the United States of America
33 Nine Elms Lane
SW11 7US

Please note, HR does not keep a “current applications” file of applications submitted by candidates who were not selected for positions which may be “activated” for future vacancies.  Applicants must submit a new application package for each advertised vacancy since advertised positions contain different requirements which must be specifically addressed by the applicant, and to insure full compliance with the U.S. Citizen EFM and U.S. Veterans hiring preference.

Please note that if we wish to pursue your application further, we will contact you within  6 weeks from the closing date. If you have not been contacted within this time frame, please presume your application has been unsuccessful.

You will be required to attend the assessment for a position in person. Telephone interviews may be possible but only as a rare exception. Interviews are normally held at the location of the job being advertised. Travel to and from the location will not be reimbursed.

We expect you to dress appropriately for an assessment at the Embassy. Please plan to wear formal business attire when attending testing and, or, interview.

You will be required to present the original documentation supporting your legal right to work in the UK. If you do not present this documentation, you will not progress further in the assessment process.

For some positions, you may have to complete a work related exercise/test which is relevant to the job. For instance, if you have been selected to interview for a finance position, you may have to undertake an Excel™ test prior to the interview that day. Attendance for an interview may be subject to the successful completion of a work related exercise/test. The hiring office will determine the pass rate of the exercise/test.

During the interview, a hiring panel will determine whether you are the best person for the job, basing their questions on the duties and requirements of the advertised position. The panel comprises of the chief of the hiring office, a subject matter expert from the hiring office, an HR representative and if there are preference candidates (i.e. USEFM’s, U.S. Veterans or both), a Post Employment Committee (PEC) representative.

If the interview panel determines that you are the best person for the job, your past two most recent employers may be contacted and asked to provide employment references for you prior to a tentative offer of employment being made.

Once we have received satisfactory references from your previous employers, you will be made a tentative offer of employment and will be required to go through an Embassy medical and security investigation prior to appointment.


Pre-employment clearance checks can take some time.

Please note that if you have traveled extensively, lived in many places, held many jobs, verifying the information you have provided on your security form will take longer, therefore your security certification to work at the Embassy will potentially take longer to issue.

Similarly, if medical issues arise, which can be treated within a reasonable amount of time, this may delay your medical clearance being issued.

You will need to be certified by both our security and medical departments before you can begin work with the Embassy, therefore we would always recommend not handing in your notice to your current employer before you have received full clearances.

Focus on the essential requirements of the job. These requirements can be found about half way down our website advert for the job. Please include in your application relevant and concise information about how your education, work experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, matches what we are looking for in a successful candidate.

Ensure your application is accurate. Misspellings or typing errors can make a big difference in your being shortlisted or not.

Do not apply if you do not possess the legal right to work in the UK.

  • Unless you are a USEFM, do not include your gender, date of birth, age, dates of employment, dates of education and family status. The U.S. Mission in London provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs. Please do not feel obliged to complete areas of the State Department DS-0174 which requests dates of employment, date of birth and place of birth.  Likewise, you do not need to provide this information in your current resume/CV. This information will not be considered in the recruitment process.
  • Do not provide excessive details about your education or work history, which is irrelevant to the job.
  • Do not apply if you do not possess the qualifications, work experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job, as stated in the web advert for the job. All of these criteria are taken into consideration when short listing and if you do not meet them, you will not be considered further.
  • Do not apply for a position that requires that you hold a full UK/EU/EEA driver’s license, if you don’t currently have that license. A provisional UK driver’s license will not be accepted and your application will not be considered further.
  • Do not send in your application after the close date at 5.30 pm GMT and/or BST. It will not be accepted.
  • Do not apply for a position that is advertised to Current Employees of the Mission (this includes Embassy contractors), if you are not a current employee of the Mission; your application will not be considered. Employees of Embassy contractors are defined as individuals who work for an Embassy contractor (e.g. AEEA, G4S, CSC, Metro Bank) who spend a minimum of 75% of their working hours physically located in the Embassy or on other property of the U.S. Mission to the UK.