Conducting U.S. Defense Business In the UK

The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), London, provides a unique insight into the UK acquisition process based on a successful history with many UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) acquisition programs.

The ODC Program Managers monitor, assist, advise and liaise for the US Government departments and agencies, the Ambassador and embassy staff, interested US defense contractors, the UK MOD and other government agencies during the conduct of defense competitions. These Program Managers are great resources for UK MOD acquisition process and contact information.

Defense procurement by Her Majesty’s Government is performed, principally through direct commercial sales; with the remainder handled through the Foreign Military Sales program. As such, the competition becomes a contractor’s to win or lose.

We strongly encourage all US defense contractors and government agencies that conduct business in the UK to coordinate their visits with the ODC. By taking this step, the interested parties can take advantage of the experience, insight and resources of the ODC London team.

To learn more about conducting defense business in the UK, please refer to the following: