Transportation Letter Request


To allow lawful permanent residents (LPRs) who do not have a Green Card or reentry permit to apply for a travel document (carrier documentation) that permits a transportation carrier to allow them to board a flight or vessel to the United States without penalty.

Who May File or Receive Service:

You may apply for carrier documentation if you are an LPR and:

  • You are returning from temporary international travel of less than one year and your Permanent Resident Card (also known as a Green Card or Form I-551) has been lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • You are returning from temporary international travel of less than two years and your reentry permit (Form I-327) has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

The length of your absence from the United States will be measured from the time you departed the U.S. to the time you pay the fee for filing Form I-131A.

If you are an LPR with an expired Green Card, you may not need to file a Form I-131A. We encourage you to check with your airline or vessel before filing a Form I-131A.

Although regulations generally require an LPR to travel with a valid Green card, CBP policy permits a transportation carrier bound for the United States to board an LPR without carrier documentation if you:

  • Are an LPR who has an expired Green Card that was issued with a 10-year expiration date, or,
  • Are an LPR with an expired Green Card with a two-year expiration date AND you also have a Form I-797, Notice of Action, for Form I-751 or Form I-829 to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status. The Notice of Action extends the validity of the Green Card for a specified length of time, generally one year.

Infant Transportation Letters

Please contact us at for more information.

For U.S. Military Family Members

A United States military family member with an expired Permanent Resident Card will not require a transportation letter if in possession of an expired permanent resident card with a 10-year validity period and is returning after having resided outside the United States on official overseas U.S. military orders. The military family member may travel with an expired permanent resident card and military orders.

Applying for a USCIS Transportation Letter

If you believe you have maintained your lawful permanent residency and require a transportation letter from the USCIS Field Office London to reenter the United States, you will need complete the following steps prior to you receiving an appointment.

  1. Go to the USCIS website at to obtain Form I-131A and filing instructions.  Refer to the attached instructions if necessary.

We can ONLY accept the completed Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. Images are NOT acceptable.
You may need to update your PDF reader software in order to complete the I-131a form. We recommend the free version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

  1. Pay the fee for the I-131A online in ELIS – The fee of $575.00 must be paid online prior to your appointment. There is no other method of payment.

Click here to pay online.   Be sure to read the instructions before you apply, as the fee is non-refundable.

    1. To obtain an appointment on a Tuesday or Thursday at 1100 am, complete the following action:
      • OPEN up the email that you received from reflecting your payment of $575.00; then re-forward that email to:
        1. Change the subject line in your forwarded email to: TRANSPORTATION LETTER APPOINTMENT REQUEST.
      • In the text of the email, state your reason for a requesting a transportation letter? (for example, green card was lost; stolen; misplaced; never received; left at home, etc);
      • Attach a scanned PDF (Acrobat Reader) copy of your valid foreign passport photo page.
      • Attach a scanned PDF (Acrobat Reader) copy of your travel itinerary/airline booking flight to the United States.

Upon receipt of the above documentation; you will receive an official appointment notification via email.

  1. Required documents at time of appointment– You will need to bring to your appointment the following documents:
    1. Your valid foreign passport;
    2. Application for Travel Document (Carrier Documentation)– Form I-131A;
    3. The confirmation of payment you received from to show that you made the $575.00 payment.
    4. Two (2) U.S. sized (2” x 2”) color passport-style photographs;
    5. A copy of your flight ticket/electronic itinerary for our records showing your last departure from the United States;
    6. A copy of your flight ticket/electronics itinerary showing your return travel to the United States;
    7. Police Report (if your permanent resident card was stolen); and
    8. Proof of your permanent resident status (if available)
  2. Your appointment– The Transportation Letter may be issued on the date of your appointment provided you bring all of the above required documents and have paid the filing fee in advance. The Transportation Letter is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.


This page was last updated on January 02, 2018.