Immigration & Customs Enforcement (DHS/ICE)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), charged with preventing terrorist and criminal activity by targeting the people, money, and materials that support terrorist and criminal organizations. ICE is responsible for investigating a wide range of domestic and international activities arising from the illegal movement of people, goods and contraband into, within, and out of the United States.

ICE investigations cover a broad range of areas, including national security threats, financial and smuggling violations (including illegal arms exports), financial crimes, commercial fraud, human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, child pornography/exploitation, and immigration fraud.  ICE is also responsible for enforcing orders of removal from the United States involving illegal aliens, fugitive aliens and criminal aliens.

Departure Verification Form G-146

An alien, who was granted voluntary departure from the United States, is requested to report his/her departure status to a Department of Homeland Security-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS-ICE) representative through submission of a form G-146 (the Voluntary Departure Order).

To apply for verification of voluntary departure, the applicant is required to send a documents package addressed to:

c/o U.S. Embassy
33 Nine Elms Lane
SW11 7US

When you apply, you should provide the following documents and information for this process:

  • Completed G-146 Form (the Voluntary Departure Order);
  • Copies of your passports including entry/exit stamped page;
  • Copy of your airline issued boarding pass or flight ticket when you left the U.S.;
  • I-94 (the Arrival/Departure record) if available;
  • DHS/ICE London Contact Form (PDF, 1 page). Please print this and complete by hand.

Upon receipt of your documents, they will be reviewed, and only if necessary, will you be contacted for an interview and verification of identity at the U.S. Embassy in London, England.