U.S. Military Support of Aerial Events

The U.S. Embassy London can be contacted with requests for U.S. Military Aircraft Participation in Public Aerial Events.

In order to submit a request please review the two documents below comprising guidance and Defense Department Form-2535.
Completed requests should be submitted to DAOLondon@state.gov .

Public events deemed appropriate for USAF support are community relations events intended primarily for non-military audiences.  Some examples include:  military Open House events, air shows, ceremonies, parades, tattoos, fairs or similar programs.  Aviation support for public events includes static displays, flyovers, aerial reviews, and aerial demonstrations; these activities are referred to as aerial events.

A couple of helpful reminders:

  1. Please do not write letters to the U.S. President, SECDEF, CSAF or any other offices (like SAF/PA and their Air Show Website) – they are not involved in the European airshow process.  In fact, these letters SLOW DOWN the request tremendously.  It also may very well happen that these offices do not forward the request to our Embassy in London, so there is no way to ensure we are aware of these requests.
  2. Please do not contact units, any buddies at the operational side, pilots from last year, to directly request support from them. Any words from a unit representative in regards to supporting a specific event before the U.S. Embassy London has seen and approved the event does not help the process.  Just the opposite, often these units reps are not familiar with the approvals needed for supporting an event and do not pass the request on, but find out in the last minute that they don’t have the proper approvals to support which puts the entire event at jeopardy.
  3. As discussed above, please do not wait until a few weeks before the event and request support.