Visiting Consulate General Belfast

COVID-19 Update

The use of face coverings is strongly recommended in all indoor settings accessible to the public across Northern Ireland. Wearing a face covering helps keep you and others safe from COVID-19.  We cannot provide masks.  Please bring your own mask.   

What You Can Bring into the Consulate

You may bring a mobile phone or key fob or a small bag or small backpack with you. Do not bring any electronic devices such as iPods, iPads, laptops, or PDAs. Do not bring large bags, backpacks, rucksacks, suitcases or packages. If you bring any of these prohibited items, you will not be admitted to the building and you may have to reschedule your appointment.  Please note: There is no storage facility at or close to the Consulate where you can store such items.

Who can attend

Because of space limitations in our public waiting area, only those with an appointment will be admitted.  Young children accompanying the person with an appointment can also come in, as can the parents or guardian of a minor who has an appointment, or the caregiver for a disabled person.

Disabled access

If you require disabled access. please notify our staff immediately through our contact form.