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Have a question about U.S. passports or citizenship? Please take the time to review the information on our website together with the following most frequently asked questions. If, after reviewing the information your question remains unanswered, please get in touch using our contact form.

We aim to respond to inquiries within 2 (two) working days of receipt.  If you have not had a response within 5 working days, please check your email provider’s “spam” folder, BEFORE re-sending the form.

If your question concerns U.S. visas, ESTA, or your spouse’s immigrant visa application or Conditional or Permanent Resident Card, please click here for further information. We will not answer your inquiry through this email box.

Information on applying for a U.S. passport is available here.  It is important to review the information carefully as the method of application will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, your age, and whether your are applying for your first passport or renewing a passport.

If you are required to appear in person to renew your passport, you should schedule an appointment online and follow the instructions provided.  If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, you are required to send your application to the U.S. Embassy in London and not the Passport Agency in the United States.

Please note that passport applications are taking four weeks to process.

If you were issued an emergency, limited-validity passport at a U.S Embassy or Consulate because you had urgent need of travel, you should apply to renew this passport for a full-validity passport as soon as possible. Click here for further information.

If you are unable to schedule an appointment online at least 4 weeks before you plan to travel, please email stating your location in Northern Ireland, the service(s) you require and your intended travel date.


You may ignore the section concerning U.S. contact details.

If your UK postcode is too long, you should enter as much of the postcode as you can online and then write the rest in by hand once the form has been printed.

Although the UK telephone number is not mandatory, we recommend that you provide one.  You can write the telephone number in by hand once you have printed the form.

Passport Cards take longer to process than passports. If you applied for both at the same time, you can anticipate receiving the passport card approximately 6 weeks after the passport. If you did not provide two delivery envelopes at the time you submitted your application, please send us a Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope for the return of the passport card enclosing a covering letter so that we can match the two together

Social Security cards are not processed by the Consulate in Belfast but by the Federal Benefits (FBU) section of the Embassy in London.  For information on how to apply for an SSN, click here.

An application for a Consular Report of Birth must be made, in person, through a pre-arranged appointment and your child MUST accompany you to the Embassy. Further detailed information is available here. If only one U.S. citizen parent can attend the appointment, the absent parent is required to complete the form DS-3053 (Statement of Consent). Again, further detailed information can be found on the website. For a Checklist of Forms and Documents Required if Applying for a CRBA/Passport in Belfast click here.



Under U.S. regulations, dual nationals must enter and leave the United States on valid U.S. passports; they are not eligible to apply for visas or travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program. Information on renewing your passport is available on our passport pages.

You may travel to the United States on your U.S. passport up until the day on which it expires. However, we recommend that you verify with the UK immigration authorities that you will not experience any problems re-entering the United Kingdom on a limited validity U.S. passport.

Please contact the UK Home Office, specifically the UK Visas and Immigration.  Further information is available from their website at

Please note that if your passport expires whilst in the United States you will be required to obtain a new passport from the Passport Agency before attempting to return to the United Kingdom.

If traveling to a country other than the United States, please contact the Embassy or High Commission of that country for further information.

If your enquiry remains unanswered please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Please note that if the information you require is available from our website or can be answered by the FAQs, while we will address your inquiry, you will experience a delay in our response.