DHS “waiver of ineligibility” processing at the Consulate General Belfast

If your visa application was refused pending Department of Homeland Security (DHS) authorization (a “waiver of ineligibility“) to issue you a visa, you can check the status of your case on-line.

The case status report is updated approximately once per week. If you applied recently and your case is not yet listed, please check back periodically for the next update.

Estimated current processing time: 3-4 months.  Note that this is an estimate only and it can take longer. We have no control over DHS processing times.

Download the Case Status report

Click on this link (PDF / 2 pages), press Control and the “F” key and enter your Case Number (without any spaces) to find your record.

How to read the case status report

Find your Case No. in the case status report (below) and note the case Status.

There are only four case status remarks: Pending; Email Sent (Date); Send Passport and Processed.
Each remark is explained below and instructions are given where applicable.

ESTA is authorization to travel without a visa.  Do not apply for ESTA if you have applied for or already obtained a visa.


We are still awaiting a response from DHS.  Please continue to check here for further updates.

DHS have granted you a waiver of ineligibility.  You need to submit your passport for visa issuance.

We have sent an email to the email address you provided on your visa application form requesting additional information or documents or providing you with additional information on the status of your case.  Please check your emails.

Your visa application has been processed to conclusion and your passport has been returned to you.