Custom Email Links

Custom Email Links

In addition to the Link Text the 4 parameters which can be configured are as follows:

  1. subject – for the subject line,
  2. cc – for sending a carbon copy,
  3. bcc – for sending a blind carbon copy,
  4. body – for the message’s body text.

These types of mail links should be pasted into the CMS using TEXT mode.

Basic Example with custom Subject Line

Here is an example to the Webmaster mailbox,, with a customized subject line.
The link text simply reads “Send Email to Webmaster”:
Send Email to webmaster

More Examples

Here is an email link to with a Subject line of “I have a question about how to apply for an NIE”:
Ask about applying for an NIE

Here is the same example but with custom body text (“Please type your question here”) in order to guide the viewer:
Ask about applying for an NIE