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U.S. Commercial Service UK

The U.S. Commercial Service UK

The U.S. Commercial Service UK (CSUK) is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.

Located across the United States and in U.S. Embassies and Consulates in nearly 80 countries, the U.S. Commercial Service global network of trade professionals connects U.S. companies with international buyers, providing them with:

  • market intelligence
  • trade counseling
  • business matchmaking
  • advocacy/commercial diplomacy support

The U.S. Commercial Service UK (CSUK) at the U.S. Embassy in London promotes exports of U.S. goods and/or services into the UK market and inward investment into the U.S.  CSUK provides a range of services and programs to help American companies export goods and services to the United Kingdom.   Find out how CSUK can help your business.

CSUK can also connect you to Europe

CS Europe comprises over 25 CS offices in Europe and helps you identify business opportunities and develop a region-wide strategy that suits your objectives. We advise you on how to make sure your product complies with European regulations and standards.  Find us on the CS Europe website.

What You Need to Know Before Exporting to the United Kingdom

There are many business opportunities in the United Kingdom.  Long one of America’s closest allies, the UK is the largest market for U.S. goods in Europe, and the largest market for U.S. service providers in the world. Major sectors for U.S. businesses exporting to the UK include aerospace, agricultural products, cyber security, and medical equipment. Financial, travel, and business services are also promising sectors for U.S. companies.   Watch the Export Destinations video to get a better taste of what business opportunities lie in the United Kingdom.

Go global webinar series May 2018
Go global webinar series May 2018

Where do thousands of U.S. Exporters look for advice?

Each year, thousands of U.S. companies navigate the website to take advantage of free information designed to help their businesses grow. New to the vast line-up of exporter resources is our Exporting Basics Video Series.  Topics addressed include export planning and strategy, finding foreign buyers, getting paid, making the export sale, and other considerations such as intellectual property protection.    Read more!

Foreign Direct Investment into the UK

SelectUSA provides a convenient one-pager document about Foreign Direct Investment to the United Kingdom (color PDF, 1 page).

Go Global Webinar Series in May 2019

Is the world passing you by as competitors expand abroad? Convinced foreign buyers would love your product – if only they knew? Concerned about cost, complexity or risk? We can provide the help and guidance you need.

During World Trade Month (May), federal agencies bring you this FREE four-part webinar series to help you go global.

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