BPA for Gas Engineer Services

Procurement Mission UK

BPA for Gas Engineer Services

The American Embassy intends to issue a Blanket Purchase Agreement(BPA) for on-call provision of gas engineer services.Only companies or individuals specializing in this field should apply.

Interested parties should contact GSO Procurement at the following email address to request a copy of the associated statement of work (SOW): londonproc@state.gov.

The estimated total value of this work is £15,000 ($21,000 on March 11,2021).

Posted: 03/11/21

This advert can be downloaded here as a PDF (1-page, PDF).

Advert Expires on               COB (17:30 GMT) on 21 March 2021


Registration in SAM

System for Award Management

It is now compulsory for all companies doing business with the U.S. Government valued over $30,000 to register on a website called “SAM – System for Award Management” at www.sam.gov
The website compiles standard information such as company legal name, street address, contact information, and what kind of goods and services it offers.

To register in SAM, a DUNS number and a NCAGE code are required. If you do not have this information, it will have to be obtained before registering. There is no cost involved, neither in obtaining the numbers, nor registering in SAM.

Interested parties are strongly encourage you to register their business as soon as possible to avoid any delay in making an award to the successful bidder. Please note individuals are exempt from SAM registration.

Further information as to how to register in SAM can also be obtained on request from londonproc@state.gov