Independence Day 2018 Welcome Message from Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson and Mrs. Suzanne Johnson

AMB JOHNSON:  This is our family’s first Independence Day in the UK and we are all looking forward to celebrating with you. Like our President, we are proud New Yorkers, and we have decided to mark the occasion by bringing a slice of the Big Apple here to Winfield House.

New York has always been a window into our great nation. The spirit of the city is the spirit of America itself. New Yorkers rush towards the future with endless energy and boundless creativity. This is a place of hustle and ambition, grit and tenacity. Under the bright lights of this most dazzling of cities, men and women of all nations know that everything is possible if you go out and make it happen. This is the city of the American Dream.

So join us as we raise a Manhattan to celebrate the spirit that has built America and made it the vibrant country we are so proud of today. It is an honor to celebrate with our British friends. As we remember the day we divided as nations, we also remember how we united as allies. The Big Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Ours is the most special of relationships.

Happy Independence Day everybody!

Woody and Suzanne