Ambassador Johnson’s St. Andrews Day Message 2017

The U.S. Consulate-General in Edinburgh, Scotland

On behalf of the U.S. Mission to the UK, I would like to wish the people of Scotland, and those of Scottish descent around the world, a very happy St. Andrew’s Day.

Today the United States joins in the celebrations of the Scottish nation. Scotland has made an immeasurable contribution to our own history, economy and culture. Many of our most famous citizens hailed from Scotland – from Andrew Carnegie to John Muir to our President, Donald Trump – the latest of many great American leaders who can trace their origins back to Scotland.

The United States has a special relationship with Scotland. On my first official visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh last month, everyone I met shared the same ambition to enhance the U.S.-Scotland friendship.  This was particularly evident in business. Trade and investment between us is strong, but together we can make it stronger and create more jobs and opportunities for Americans and Scots alike.

I hope Scots and Scots-at-heart have a great day. With 27 million Americans claiming Scottish ancestry, you can be sure there will be celebrations on both sides of the Pond today.

Happy St. Andrew’s Day to everyone.