A Live Briefing on the new U.S. Embassy London

Artists impression of new Embassy viewed from Nine Elms Lane (KieranTimberlake)

In 2017, the American Embassy will move to Nine Elms in Wandsworth. Its unique green design will make it a landmark project. As Ambassador Susman said when announcing the winning design by KieranTimberlake, “We hope to contribute to the architectural heritage and future history of this great city”.

On Wednesday 18th July,  we broadcast a presentation on the new building’s design and viewers had a chance to watch and ask questions, to those in charge.

You can watch the video below. Please note that the presentation starts 17 minutes into the video.  Please click play and find 17 minutes on the timeline: Watch the New U.S. Embassy Dialogue

The briefing was given by project leaders Lydia Muniz and Stephen Kieran.

Lydia Muniz is Director of the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO). Lydia will focus on efforts to promote the new Embassy’s sustainability features. That includes energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, and water conservation.  In particular, renewable energy technology will help meet the energy demands of the surrounding community. The proposed building will not only support sustainability in the area, but also assist the economic regeneration of Nine Elms.

Stephen Kieran is the founding partner of KieranTimberlake, the winning architectural design firm. Stephen will discuss the sustainable and technological design of the building.